About Us

VOICES FROM JAPAN: Despair and Hope from Disaster is a collective endeavor, made possible by the creative contributions of various players:


painter Naoto Nakagawa's Portraits of Hope, http://www.naotonakagawa.com/
Magdalena Solé's new photographs from Tohoku district, http://www.solepictures.com/
Joseph Krakora's documentary video,
Saori & Yoshihito Sasaguchi's collages of damaged photos, http://www.sasaguchi.com/
Calligrapher Kanji Chiba from Kesen-numa, Miyagi


75 poems written by 50 Japanese poets inspired by the events of March 2011.

These poems were translated by three American experts: Laurel R. Rodd, Professor of University of Colorado, Amy V. Heinrich, former Director of C.V. Starr East Asian Library at Columbia University and Joan E. Ericson, Professor of Colorado College. This anthology has been compiled by Isao Tsujimoto, Studio for Cultural Exchange, with the cooperation of the Asahi Shimbun newspaper.


Voices from Japan, created and proposed by Isao Tsujimoto of the Studio for Cultural Exchange in Tokyo, is a production based on international collaborations. The project in New York was jointly been produced by:

The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine

Asian Cultural Council

New Heritage Theatre Group

Studio for Cultural Exchange

Voices from Japan is supported by Asahi Shimbun, a major newspaper in Japan, and by NY de Volunteer, an NPO in New York. http://www.nydevolunteer.org/index.html

Voices from Japan is in association with:

  • Carnegie Hall for its generous lending of music stands, on which 31 poems are being displayed

VOICES FROM JAPAN is also made possible by a generous initial grant from the US-Japan Foundation, and two other implementation grants from the Japan Society's Earthquake Relief Fund and Asian Cultural Council, in addition to many donations from individuals including Mr. Thierry Porté.

Poems on the music stand (photo by Masao Katagami)
Photos by Magdalena Solé (photo by Masao Katagami)